How It All Started

Everything comes from somewhere, right? Here’s how our “Eureka !” moment arrived.

We designed a series of touch screen wayfinding systems for a Virginia hospital group and a network of colleges. But we found that since those systems required custom Windows programming, they were VERY expensive, so much that we couldn’t compete with bigger companies. At some point after that, we decided that the systems could be easily done on a web browser far more efficiently and cheaply.

Some of our early work

After creating a demo, we realized that advances in mobile websites would allow us to create a mobile version of the wayfinding touch screens, so visitors could walk through the building with the entire system on their mobile phone.

Well, one thing led to another, and we gradually moved to using the wayfinding system as a part of a much larger mobile site project, which included a modular guest services system that could be adapted to a wide variety of venues and audiences. We brought in experts from various types of venue operations for advice on features we could add. We then worked with a programmer to add API calls to the system to tailor its functions to the visitor’s individual mobile device.

So in the end, it’s a system that utilizes much existing technology in a way that hasn’t been done. It is a new take on the market that allows systems like this to be sold for a fraction of the cost of competing products, and blends with mobile devices to extend the reach into an entirely different kind of market. And THAT, we are very proud of!

Kimberley Imperiale

Douglas Dye

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