Ease of use is our overriding goal

Our systems are simpler to use, easier to navigate and do not require downloading anything whatsoever for your visitors. There is virtually no maintenance at all.

For Visitors

Easy access: Instead of having to download an app (possibly on your own cellular data plan), our system is available to anyone with a mobile web browser.

Familiarity: Downloading an app means figuring out how the app works, in addition to the inconvenience of having to download the app in the first place. Our system is web based, and since 1/2 of all Internet traffic is from mobile devices, people are already very familiar with navigating a mobile web browser.

Ultra Streamlined Navigation: The Home page, consists of  large, easy to understand icons. This makes it very easy to find what you need quickly, without having to learn a complex navigation tree. Even people with little Internet experience can find what they want quickly with our ultra simple icon system.

Minimized Touches: You can generally find anything you need on our system with fewer than three touches. We don’t frustrate your guests by making them jump through hoops to find what they need.

Existing Technology: Being a web based system, we can use existing tools to help guests find their way around your local area. For example, many of our local listings utilize Google Maps to provide GPS guidance and turn by turn directions.

Convenience When Off Property: You’re a hotel guest in a cab coming in from the airport and you are starving. You can use the system to have room service waiting for your arrival. You can be out to dinner and realize that you need extra towels, or a restaurant reservation for tomorrow. No need to look up the hotel’s number and call. Just send a message from your phone.

Local Resources: Out on the town and you need a cab? Looking for the closest ATM machine? A 24 hour pharmacy? You can find it with two clicks in our system.

For the Venue

Save Time For Your Staff: How much of your staff’s time is spent answering the phone to give out answers to the same basic questions over and over? Our Questions & Answers section can take some of the load off.

Event Creation: All that is required of your staff is creating upcoming events. We have made that process very simple. A basic event can be created with one line of type (name of the group) and four dropdown menu entries (date, starting time, ending time, venue). In addition, if the group requests it, you can add a text field (you can copy and paste) and multiple downloadable documents (a simple upload button) to the listing.  Creating an event could not possible be any simpler. And once the event is created, is can be fully edited if anything changes.

Increase Revenue: One huge reason that we rely so much upon great guest services is to encourage guests to use the system. What this means is that instead of hoping people go to your website, this system will have built in traffic. And if you are guaranteed hundreds of people every day looking at your system, you can sell  Featured Listings for local vendors, sell local attraction tickets and more. Your built in traffic will guarantee that their local business is seen by hundreds of people who are looking for things to do in their area.

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