Our web applications compete against downloadable apps. To say that our way of doing things is dramatically less expensive is almost an understatement. We have been working on this for several years, the project originally started out as something completely different. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Existing Technology: We used a content management system to create our web applications. This means that the basic structure was already there, we had to utilize it to do what we needed it to do. What this means is that large parts of web apps are updated by the content management system itself, so all we have to do is apply the existing updates. Needless to say, this reduces cost because it drastically reduces the labor involved in updating resources.

System Updates: If you have a lot of apps, you know that usually they are updated automatically, While this seems easy to you, the end user, your mobile device still has to utilize resources for updates. And the creators of the app have to update multiple operating systems. With our web apps, nothing is kept on the visitor’s mobile device. And we can update every single system all at once, with one click.

Programming: Mobile Concierge doesn’t involve much custom programming, and what programming it does require is very inexpensive compared to custom Windows programming.

Wayfinding Kiosks: Mobile Guest Services actually began as a web based alternative to custom programmed kiosk wayfinding systems (those large lobby touch screens you see where you can find your room/office/event or other destination). As we developed this as a wayfinding system we realized how cool it would be to add guest services to it. That was where we realized that we were on to something big.

But the fact remains that in many ways, wayfinding systems are at the heart of our web applications. So we can also use it on a touch screen kiosk with very little additional labor. In addition, the reason we developed a new wayfinding system was that a web based wayfinding system would be MUCH cheaper than existing custom programmed wayfinding systems.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Kimberley Imperiale

Douglas Dye

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