Below are some of the reasons that our web application is better than “regular” apps. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Operating System: The system is built upon the most popular content management system in the world, so the entire foundation is already in place. Our systems can be sold for 50% below competing systems if not more. This means that we can sell to clients that couldn’t afford a system like this before.

Accessibility: It is accessible to anybody with a smart phone. Since over half of all Internet traffic is now mobile, it is something people will instinctively understand and know how to use.

Downloading: Our web applications don’t require downloading of any kind. If you are in a conference center, a hospital or a similar place, you would have to download an app using your cellular data. This can get expensive for people with certain phone plans. In addition, asking people to go to the trouble of downloading an app makes the process more difficult for the visitor.

Updates: Our web applications are VERY easy to update. The client can easily edit their system for new events and new tenants. They can even change the entire “skin” of the system with a click of a button for seasonal and other events. And if updates are made to the system, we can updates them all at the same time, with nothing required from the property.

There is no need for a custom mobile version. Modern web technology uses “responsive” design, which means that a desktop computer can see the same site as a mobile phone or a tablet, and the system changes to accommodate the platform it’s being viewed on. Note: A completely separate version can be configured for mobile platforms if desired.

Being web based, it can do anything a website can very easily. It can be used for making reservations, viewing events, streaming video or collecting information.

The system can be remotely accessed to update software, make changes and add new features.

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