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Our products are created for medium to large venues, such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, campuses, retail outlets, sports and concert spaces spiele für android kostenlos herunterladen. We combine wayfinding (maps and directions within the venue) with information that your visitors need or want.

What's A Web App?

A web app is a very lean website built primarily for mobile devices, but with the functionality, look and feel of an app indesign cs2 kostenlos downloaden.

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No Downloads google play music herunterladen pc. Ever.


Instead of having to download an app (possibly on your own cellular data plan), our system is available to anyone with a mobile web browser wie kann man filme aus der mediathek downloaden.

Nothing to use up storage on your phone. Nothing to update. Nothing to register.

Ease Of Use

Three Touches emule seiten zum herunterladen.


One advantage of our web app is our icon based navigation, which makes it easy to find things. We give you the choices you need.

Our navigation is so tight, you can find almost anything with three touches or less.

Low Cost

50% cheaper than an app.


If you design an app, you have to design it for iOS and Android. If you want a desktop version you have to do it again.

We only have to design it once. In addition, our web app uses existing technology, which is cheaper to program. Plus, ours can be updated easily, and updates appear in real time.


Find your way around with a venue map on your phone. Get text alerts. Get GPS directions to what’s nearby, from all types of restaurants to ATMs to 24 hour pharmacies. Get documents, video and images delivered to your phone.


No registration. No downloading apps. No wading through 50 links to find what you want. A stunningly simple icon based navigation structure that anyone can understand. Available in any mobile web browser on any platform.


Our products are built to compete with downloadable apps. We build them to work on all of mobile devices, and even on desktop computers, unlike apps. Our products are more accessable and dramatically less expensive.

Side By Side Comparison

Check out the chart below to see the differences between our products and standard apps.

How Does It Work?

Check out the instructional video below, made for our hotel/convention web app.

Got Questions? We have answers.

One question we hear a lot is “Why can’t we just use our website for this?” Wow, do we ever have an answer for that!

For the answer, along with answers to other common questions, check out our FAQ page.

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